Mid-December 2015 Newsletter!

There’s just so much going on I had to do another release for goings on this month and to get your thinking about January/February (and the Open)!

12 Days of Christmas WoD / Dodgeball / Cook out on December 19th!

You will not want to miss the WoD on the 19th! First, it’s a 12-Days of Christmas WoD rep scheme which everyone loves! I’m expecting an impromptu Dodgeball game to break out after and would love to get together for a quick cookout afterwards! Bring a side dish and CFD will supply burgers/dogs and fun for the whole family. Plan on wearing an ugly sweater to the festivities if you’ve got one!
The CFD Open – Teams / Captains / Shirts
We will once again be holding our annual in-house competition alongside the CrossFit Open. It’ll start in late February, but I’m wanting to get a head start on it this year. Which means we’ll be picking captains and setting teams in January this year! Your registration is also going to get you a t-shirt for your team (you’re going to love the design I’m thinking of!) so that you can show your team’s colors on game day!
If you won your division last year, you know you’re being bumped up to the next division, right? Also, if you’ve been here since that last one, you’re probably going to be bumped up as well. You should have been working on your goats, and you know this! 😉
Personal Training
We’re upping our collective coaching games here at CFD and will start using some software called “iMotivate” which is going to help us help you in the areas of:

• Mobility,
• Technique,
• Strength/Power/Speed,
• Competitive Strategy, and
• Nutrition

We (both your coach and you) will be able to track your progress more closely visibly and get you accountable for the goals you seriously want to attain. So, if you’ve got holes in your game, consider getting some personal training from one of our coaches to help you through hurdle! In a private or semi-private atmosphere, you’re going to get structured video analysis that you can take home with you along with any auxiliary drills and/or mobility that you might need. Seriously, if you’re stuck on a movement, we can unstick you. This will include the advanced gymnastics movements like the Muscle Up and complex movements such as the squat snatch! Contact a Coach for more information or to get signed up!
New Movement and Mobility Web Pages!

We’re going to continue to allow you to make it easier for you to show why CF Dynamo is the leader in the area. Whether you need a reminder or you have a friend that needs to understand what real CrossFit education looks like, we’ve created both a Movement Page and a Mobility Solutions Page to help everyone that wants guidance! These pages will be ever growing, as we add more beneficial knowledge to our Community as a whole!  Thank Coach Kirby for being our first guinea pig to be in front of the camera, and for Coach Kelly for holding said camera steady!

CF Dynamo December 2015 Newsletter

Our Holiday Schedule

We’ll be closed after noon class on Christmas Eve and we won’t have daycare that day.  We’ll be back in business the Saturday after Christmas starting with the 0930 WoD.    The next week, we’ll close again after the noon class on New Year’s Eve and all day New Years.  But, patrol our FB private discussion group on New Year’s Day.  We may have an impromptu Open Gym that morning before the bowl games start.  It’s happened before.

You guys that need the 5a/6a/7:30a classes:   If you’re schedule allows during the weeks around Christmas for you to come at later class times, please let me know so we can let our coaches sleep in a little more during the holidays!

Giving the Gift of Health

For your friends that have been CrossFit curious or those that have mentioned that their current exercise regimen isn’t cutting it, give them this:

– The No Sweat Intro to create goals and a path to get them there
– Our 3 hour  Elements Class to give them a foundation for proper movement (PVC-only lifting) and instill our box philosophy
– A hefty 20% discount for your recipient to use on our introductory 3-month starter pack if they decide CF Dynamo is right for them! (An additional $96 in savings!)

This will be good for any net new member to CFD.

We’re offering this gift along with a CFD card and envelope suitable for stocking stuffing or under the tree for just $39.99 (regularly $59 value per person)! That’s a total of $136 in value for 25% of the cost!

You get to give an affordable gift that they will never forget. They get to decide whether they want to take advantage of it through our personal, gentle, and caring introduction progression path!


This Month’s Facebook Check-ins via SweatAngels

We will be supporting the buying gifts for kids battling cancer!  Please remember to check in when you can!

Happy Holidays!


Burpees For You Turkeys

  We’re in full swing with this year’s Food Drive.  Here’s 500 burpees (frankly was shooting for a PR of 1,000) to trade for your cans or boxes of non-perishable items that we will be giving to Food For Thought on November 21st, 2015 at high noon!  You don’t have to be a member of our box to do something great for the surrounding community, so please feel welcome to drop off items at your convenience!

CF Dynamo November 2015 Newsletter

November 2015 Newsletter

Lots going on/changing around here (what you get for me having too much down time), so please read through to the end.  Who knows, I might make you famous!  😉

  1. Now that I don’t have any more excuses, it’s time to honor the cause of feeding our local community! I’m giving a burpee for every non-perishable item we collect between now and Saturday, November 21st at high noon!  On that day, we’ll be taking in frozen turkeys as well, along with all the cans/boxes you deliver to Food For Thought, Inc!  We will have a place at the double doors for you to drop off your food!  Make sure your food goesFoodDriveHandOffinto the “New” pile rather than the “counted” pile.  Our record-breaking goal is 2,200 items (Vienna sausages count ½, and I’m feeling some kind of way about ramen noodles).  That’ll be well over a ton of food donated!
  2. We’re re-introducing the 10:30am WoD again. The 9:30am WoD will be of the same ilk you’re used to, constantly varied that fits the rest of the week’s programming.  The 10:30am is now known as the “Bring a Friend” Benchmark which will especially for first-time CrossFitters.  It’ll be the same WoD every Saturday:  Deadlift Review and the CFD Benchmark WoD in 3 flavors:
    • Beginner: 200m Run, 3 Cindy’s, 200m Run For Time
    • Moderate: 200m Run, 5 Cindy’s, 200m Run For Time
    • The Original: 400m Run, 5 Cindy’s, 400m Run For Time

We have a hard time re-testing you guys when you first get here to see your gains.  This should help.  If you bring a friend, you get the WoD for free!  Of course, it’s free for your friend’s first visit as well!  You’re still welcome to come see how well you’ve done on your own as well!  Starts this Saturday!

  1. The first 3 members to take advantage of the “Bring a Friend” WoD will get a $15 Gift Certification to the WoDLife!
  2. We’re going to be creating some packets that outline all the goodness that is CFD by the double doors.  Feel free to pick them up and give them to friends as you see fit!
  3. We’re going to be adding by appointment only “No Sweat” Intro 30-60 minute session for any members or prospects. Set a time with John to go over measurements, short/long term goals, talk philosophy of what makes CFD stand out, or whatever’s on your mind.  It’s free, so take advantage of it!  Share with your friends that are curious but not ready to take a class!
  4. We’re going to be creating some short vids highlighting what makes CFD special. If you want to be a part of it (in front or behind the camera), let me know.  I’d like all shapes, sizes, and ages.
  5. Anyone interested in being the Box Photograher? We don’t do a great job of catching all the cool stuff that happens here b/c the coaches are more interested in coaching and keeping you safe.  If you’re interested in helping with that, let me know!
  6. Congrats to our Burpee Challenge Peeps! Getting through today, the 27th, you’ve done 630 burpees so far and are 12% of our goal!  Stay Strong!2015BurpeeChallenge
  7. I know Community is everything here at CFD. However, if you or your CrossFit-fearing friends would like Elite 1-on-1 coaching time with me or our staff, we’re available, able, and ready to help!  Email Coach for more information or to get signed up!