WoD for August 14th, 2018

Group: Agility Ladder

MOB: Shoulders (tight dislocates)

Review: Bergener Clean
Review: KB Snatch

WoD: 3 separate 5-minute AMRAPs

First interval:
Run 400m
In remaining time: max Power Cleans (135/95) a) 115/80 b) 95/65
Rest 2:00.

Second interval:
Run 400m
In remaining time: max KB alternating Snatches (1.5 / 1.0 pd)
Rest 2:00.

Third interval:
Run 400m
In remaining time: strict pullups.

Score = Total reps

MOB: Roll Posterior Chain, lats, IT Bands

WoD for August 13th, 2018

Group: Junk Yard Dog

Strength: 15′ to complete 3×3 @80% of 1RM Bench Press

WoD: For Time

Partition them anyway you want

50 Ring Push-ups a) Ring Push-ups from knees b) HRPU (wormy OK)
50 T2B a) KTE b) High Knee c) Toes to KB

MOB: Lax Chest and Shoulders / Stretch abs

Team WoD for August 11th, 2018

Group Warm-up
Coach’s Choice

Daily WoD
In teams of 3, Teammates stay in the following rotation:
10/9 cal Row
15 Wall Balls (10/9) (20/14) a) 14/12 b) 12/10

Score = total number rounds by all 3 teammates + extra reps (cals + wbs)

Roll Posterior / Quads
Lax Shoulders

WoD for August 10th, 2018

Individual Warm-up
Group Warm-up
20 Double Unders / 40 Skips
5 Burpees
10 Box Jumps/Step Ups
10 In place Lunges

Daily WoD
30 Ring Muscle Ups a) Bar MUs b) C2B + Ring Dip C) Pull-ups + Ring Dip or aided/ring rows (make them hard!)

After Party

8 rounds of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off abmat sit-ups

Roll Lats

WoD for August 9th, 2018

Individual Warm-up
Group Warm-up
3 in 3
Handstand Hold
In Place Lunge
Inch worms

Daily WoD
5-8-13 reps of:
Handstand push-ups a) 1 abmat ROM b) Downward Dog or box HSPU
Deadlifts (275/190) a) 225/155 b) 185/130
Then, 40ft Walking Lunge (115/80) a) 95/65 b) 45/25 or less bumper

Roll Posterior
Lax Shoulders/Glutes

WoD for August 8th, 2018

Individual Warm-up
Group Warm-up
3 in 3
Jumping Jacks
3-5 Pull-ups

Rope Climbs

Daily WoD
2018 GAMES – “Battleground”
Backward Sled Drag to back curb ( 95/65) a) 75/55 b) 65/45
2 rope climbs a/b) 6 Rope Progressions
400m Run
Obstacle-course (if you don’t want to or can’t do the obstacle, just give us 5 burpees for each pass)
400m Run
2 rope climbs a/b) 6 Rope Progressions
Backward Sled Drag to back curb ( 95/65) a) 75/55 b) 65/45

Comp) Wear a 20/14lb vest if you have one)

Roll Posterior/Lats/Quads
Lax Achilles

WoD for August 7th, 2018

Individual Warm-up
Group Warm-up
Line Drills

Daily WoD
30/25cal. SkiErg
25 burpees to bumper (45/35
40 OHS (75/55) a) 55/35 b) PVC
45 Air Squats
25 box jump-overs, 30/24 a) 24/20 b) Step ups
Sled Pull to Back Curb and back (115/80) a) 95/65 b) 65/45

Roll Posterior/Quads
Lax Shoulders
Mash Achilles

WoD for August 6th, 2018

Individual Warm-up
Group Warm-up
Bergener Power Snatch

Kipping Pull-ups / BMu

Daily WoD
Snatches (135/95) a) 115/80 b) 95/65
Bar muscle-ups a) C2B b) Pull-ups or aided/Ring row

Roll Posterior/Lats

Team WoD for August 4th, 2018

Individual Warm-up
Group Warm-up
Coach’s Choice

Daily WoD
Hearts = Push Press (75/55) a) 65/45 b) 55/35
Spades = Goblet Squats (1.5/1.0) Comp) Thrusters 75/55
Diamonds = Sit-ups
Clubs = In Place Lunges (L+R = 2)
Jokers = 20 Sledgehammer strikes (each teammate) (L+R=2)

Roll Quads
Lax Shoulders / Glutes

WoD for August 2nd, 2018

Individual Warm-up
Always start any warm up with cardio first. Beginners/Intermediates do the first movement noted. Advanced, your choice:
400m Run OR 500m Row OR .6 AAB OR 450m Ski Erg
10 Air Squats / 10 Pistols (L+R=2)
10 Push-ups / 10 Ring Dips
10 Sit-ups / 10 GHDs
10 Pull-ups (banded or ring row OK) or 5 Lower Downs from Chin above bar (no band) / 10 C2B
30 Singles / 20 DUs
——————- Advanced Only ——————-
5 HSPU (strict, if you got them)
3 Bar/Ring MU

Group Warm-up
Burgener Squat Snatch

15′ to establish a 3RM Squat Snatch or Power Snatch/OHS combo. OK to drop between lifts, just get back on it.

Daily WoD
17.3 OPEN
Prior to 8:00, complete:
3 rounds of:
6 c2b pull-ups
6 squat snatches, (95/65)
Then, 3 rounds of:
7 c2b pull-ups
5 squat snatches, (135/95)
*Prior to 12:00, complete 3 rounds of:
8 c2b pull-ups
4 squat snatches, (185/135)
*Prior to 16:00, complete 3 rounds of:
9 c2b pull-ups
3 squat snatches, (225/155)
*Prior to 20:00, complete 3 rounds of:
10 c2b pull-ups
2 squat snatches, (245/175)
Prior to 24:00, complete 3 rounds of:
11 c2b pull-ups
1 squat snatch (265/185)

*If all reps are completed, time cap extends by 4 minutes.
a) 75/55 b) 55/35
a) Power Snatch + OHS b) Power Snatch
a) Pull-ups b) Banded or Ring rows
If you don’t finish the amount of work in the time allotted, you’re technically done for your score. If you want to play around a little bit more, go ahead, but it would be better to sell out and do the most you can in the first 8 minutes. If you finish the amount of work in the 8 minutes, go to the next section immediately!

Roll Posterior / Quads / Lats
Lax Shoulders