Benchmark WoD for October 11th, 2013

Warm up: Bergener Warm-up (Power Clean)

Review Push Jerk

MOB: Wrist and Shoulder

WoD: “Grace”

Break into teams of 2 with one doing, the other judging, if possible.

30 C&J for Time at 135/95 a) 115/80 b) 95/65 c) <b

Cash out: 5-4-3-2-1 (per arm) of Turkish Get ups. Make each set heavier than the last.

MOB: Roll Posterior Chain / Lax Shoulders

Coach’s Tip: Grace, a fan favorite, is often done improperly b/c everyone wants to get out to a fast start. If you’re staying at the same weight you did last time. Take your time (in seconds) and divide it by 30. That’s the average time you’re doing 1 C&J. E.g. If Grace takes you 6 minutes (360 seconds), then the equation looks like this 360/30 = 12 seconds. That’s 5 C&J a minute! You can do that for 6 minutes, right? And you’d be fresh at the finish, I’m guessing. So, do this. Stay with that game plan for 5 minutes. You’ll be at 25 C&J. Then do the last 5 as quickly as possible. I bet you beat your old PR by 20 seconds!

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