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Benchmark WoD for July 31st, 2017

Group Warm-Up: 3′ EMOM of:
2 Pull-ups
5 push-ups
8 Air Squats

Daily WoD

5 Pull-ups a/b) Aided or Ring rows
10 Push-ups a/b) From knees or wormy
15 Air Squats

Cash Out
Hold a Plank for 2 minutes (total cumulative) on your elbows

Coach’s Notes
Many of you have done this once or twice before at this point. Try to pace your rounds this time around. For instance, let’s say you got 12 rounds last time, that’s approximately 1 round every 1 minute and 40 seconds. So, instead of doing your first round(s) in 1:15, take a little more time and catch your breath during your rounds, but try to start each new round 1 minute and 40 seconds after the start of the last one. The last couple of rounds, let it all hang out! You should be able to finish

Roll Quads/Lats; Lax Pec/Shoulder insertion point

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