Benchmark/Team WoD for September 5th, 2016

Group: Zombies
Butt Kickers

Side Shuffles


10 Bird Dogs
10 Scorpions

WOD: Solo or Team “Eva” 75 Minute cap!

Either solo or in n teams of 2 to 4, break this up as you see fit.  The whole team must run/row/bike together, but the work inside the room shall be done with only one working at a time!  E.g. On a two person team, both run 400m.  In a team of 4, all 4 run 200m together.


800m Run  a/b) 1000m Row or 1.2mi AAB
30 KBS (2/1.5) a) 1.5/1.0 b) 1.0/.75
30 Pull-ups a) light bands b) heavy bands c) ring rows

We’ll scale this any way necessary to ensure you get the best workout for you!  Just come out and be a part!!!

MOB: Roll Posterior Chain / IT Bands / Lats

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