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The CF Dynamo 2016 Holiday Fat Pants Challenge!

Announcing the CF Dynamo 2016 Holiday Challenge!

The holidays are fast approaching and that may mean having to get your “fat pants” out again this year.  I’m on record for challenging myself every year at this time for trying to be fitter and leaner coming out of it than going into it.  It sucks some days, but I’m ALWAYS HAPPY at the end of it.


So, it’s time to share that motivation with each of you.

Here’s what the CrossFit Dynamo Holiday Challenge comprises:

  • Your results will be two legit to quit as we will be measuring your progress at the start and end of the Challenge using Hydrostatic Body Fat Composition analysis (HBFC), the highest degree of certainty analysis known to man. What is HBFC testing you ask?  It’s a direct application of Archimedes’ principle, that an object displaces its own volume of water.  And yes, it’s THAT Archimedes.  Not only will you get an exact weighing, but through a mystical thing called “mathematics,” we’ll be able to discern your body composition  (lean body mass to fat) as well!  I’ve contracted with Bali at Body Fat Test to start and end the Challenge, so mark your calendars NOW for:
    • Initial Testing:  November 19th, 2016 from 8am to 10:30am  (your appointment will last 10 minutes)
    • Final Testing:  January 21st, 2017, from 8am to 10:30am

I’m in!  But what do I wear and how private is it?


Bring a towel and a snug fitting bathing suit. Baggy clothes will capture air and may influence test results. Also, please take a shower if you just worked out and don’t wear heavy makeup, hair gel or lotion.  Although drinking water and exercise will not affect your results eating a big meal within two hours of the test can.  As to privacy, they have private changing rooms and an entrance door that can be closed during testing.

  • A 1 hour Nutrition Seminar that will cover the Stress vs. Adaptation model for losing weight and keeping it off and why other methods only yo-yo your body composition.  We will also take measurements and pics at the beginning of the Challenge.  This seminar will be held at 10:30am, AFTER the WoD on November 19th and the day’s testing.
  • Entry to a Special FB Group for this Challenge!
  • A 30-minute sit-down with Coach to discuss your results and goals from the HBFC and what that will mean to your nutrition and your fitness routines to reach them
  • A comprehensive 6-week Nutrition Recommendation document complete with shopping lists and weekly menus to keep you sane and unconfused to what you should be eating.  The last two weeks of the Challenge, you get to pick your  favorite week’s food!

And here’s the kicker, we’re going to ask you to put in $25 of your money to a pot to be shared by ANY AND ALL PARTICIPANTS that maintain or show ANY progress whatsoever in your body composition!  Why any?  Because this time of year is tough enough!  So, maintaining or showing progress during it is slightly magical.  You should be rewarded for that!



The Challenge Particulars

This challenge is going to be limited to the first 15 participants.  That means you will have a chance at a pot worth up to $375!!!!  If you’re the only one to show progress, you get all the monies!  Only two of you show progress, split it!!!  Monies won become credits towards your Dynamo membership or swag, your choice.

The Whole Enchilada:  $160

You get dunked.  We go over your results one on one and figure out a plan for the next two months to reach your goals.  You get 6 weeks of shoppings lists and menu plans.  Entry to the specially formed FB Group.  And you get a shot at the pot!  Sign up for the Whole Enchilada here.  Be aware that the first to sign up gets first choice of times between 8am and 10:30am on November 19th!

Dunks only Option:  $85

Those of you in or just completing the New You Challenge, you already have a good bit of this stuff, so for you and those that just want to get dunked twice and be in the running for your piece of the  Challenge Pot:  $85.  Sign up for Dunks Only + Pot here.  Only through signing up, can we get your name on the testing appointment list.  Be aware that the first to sign up gets first choice of times between 8am and 10:30am on November 19th!


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