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CF Dynamo July 2016 Newsletter!

Tara will be walking us through the differences between TENS and EMS and why you should know the difference!

Wow, we’re off to a hot start this summer what with our 4-year anniversary, huge Battle of the Ages competition last weekend, and all the videos we’ve been putting out.   It’s ok to subscribe to our Youtube channel, promise!


That does not mean I’ve been sitting idly behind the front desk.  If I’m not chatting with one of you, I’m putting plans into action to give the best CrossFit experience anywhere!  So look what’s coming down the pipe (so far) for the next several months (in chronological order)!

We’ll be holding an educational afternoon with Flextone on Electrical Muscle Stimulation on Tuesday, July 19th, 2016, to demo the machines and talk about the importance of recovery using their devices, the difference between TENS and EMS stimulation, and how their Russian Wave technology can help with many issues, including sciatica!

Tim will be here all day to help with your DUs all day on August 1st!

DU / Jump rope clinic with Mute Sports Equipment!– All day, Monday, August 1st!  Tim from Mute Sports will be here so that you get your DUs and also look at their vast choices of ropes!

CF Kids Schedule for Fall Semester Starts first week of August!  See Kim or Karl for more details!

Olympic lifting Training (6-week cycle) starts back August 2nd, 2016.  We would love a head count to make sure we can run this class , so please reply to this email by July 23rd if you plan on attending!  Cost is still just $169 for the 12 sessions.  Last cycle, some improved by as much as 40 lbs on the lifts!

You’ll see Shelby around from time to time to help with programming and technique for our upcoming OCR event!!!

We’ll be wanting to get a team together for perhaps the best true test of obstacles there is (without all the mud that really diminishes the experience, imho).  What better way to test all your new fitness than on an obstacle course!?!  CrossFit Dynamo has become an ambassador for the Battle Frog Series Training / EventSaturday, November 12th, 2016.  That means, we get a $20 discount.  It also means, that we’ll be doing some accessory work in/after some of our WoDs for those of you that want to do it, and/or want to do it over the ELITE obstacles (they scale there too)!  The extra work will primarily focus on:

  • Grip Strength,
  • Upper body strength,
  • Rope Climbing / Technique, and
  • Farmer’s carry over longer distances!
Come see me at the front desk for your discount code and save $20 on the November BattleFrog event!

On August 16th, we’ll be opening the box to the Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) curious along with you guys to learn more about the race, teach them proper rope technique, learn how CrossFit makes you better at being a Ninja in general, and we’ll have some obstacles / training set up that night to test your current skills!

Cirque du CrossFit with Amber – September’ish, once it cools down.  We’ll start with a free session to show you some of the cool things you’ll be able to work on.  And then, we’ll gauge interest and next steps from there!

Move of the 7:30am class to 7:00am starting in September.  The 7:30a class has been extremely hit or miss for the past year or so.  We’re going to move it to 7a to help our staff and see if we can’t fill it more consistently!

Remember the “Couch to CrossFit” program we implemented in January?  Well, I’m one upping that with the “New You” Program! – We hope to be seeing some new faces as we continue to make CrossFit more accessible to those that didn’t think it’s for them.  We’ll be interviewing potential members in August, with first classes in September!  Please give them our unbeatable CF Dynamo welcome!

Worldwide WoD:  Global Aftermath September 10th!  Any interest in having us host it?  Here are the WoDs!  Let me know who’d be interested and I’ll get us signed up to host it so you don’t have to travel.  This is a great first competition if you want to get your feet wet.

Well, I’m officially tired just typing all this.  Hope you can see I’ve been working hard to make you the best educated, smartest CrossFitters in the world.

Yours in health,




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