CF Dynamo’s January 2016 Newsletter!

“Better today than yesterday.”   Every year, every month, heck, every day, we try to make CF Dynamo better than the day before.  I firmly believe 2016 will be our best ever.  Here’s why:

My changing role at CFD – unless covering for a coach that can’t attend, I will now be the SECONDARY coach on the floor.  This is huge, especially for our bigger classes having another set of eyes and should be yet another differentiator about our box.   More eyes = safer conditions.  Also, I’ll be doing my fav thing, working on minor adjustments with you, creating torque in your movement, helping you find more strength with the same muscles!  This also frees me up to focus more on bringing more to CFD.  More events, more seminars, more services, more education!  I’ve also said that we make smart crossfitters here at CFD.  This is further proof!

January’s Couch To CrossFit (C2CF) Program – I know you’ve been telling your friends about how great and different it is here.  They don’t come mainly, I think, because it’s intimidating.  The Couch to CrossFit Program is meant specifically for them!  They don’t have to feel like they have to dive in to the deep side of the pool, but we’ll rather use the gradual walk-in method.  It’s only 1 class a week but we’ll have touchpoints throughout the week as well and help them with their nutrition.  This is a new and progressive way to help your friends realize CrossFit IS for them too!  Classes are going to be Saturday’s at 10:30a for the rest of the month.

Coach McKinney’s Information session on the Dolce Diet is this Saturday at 11:30am.  You can sign up for the event on Facebook.  It’ll be an hour of how the diet can be used to make gains, lose inches, or something in between!  Matt’s now certified in this nutrition program and is backed by a registered dietician to help you meet your goals, whatever they might be!

Benchmark WoD comes back in February – C2CF is going to supersede the 1030 Saturday WoD for January as it’s not really being used for the past several weeks.  It’ll be back first weekend in February!

Our Personal Training goes to the next level:  introducing The iMotivate application!

You self-assess against core development “Pillars” we find important:

  1. Mobility
  2. Technique
  3. Strength/Power/Speed
  4. Competitive Mind
  5. Nutrition

With your personal trainer, you’ll then develop a personal improvement plan with specific actions for each focus area underneath each pillar.  The system will automatically provides milestone reminders and visual reports so you can track your progress and make appropriate adjustments, encouraging continuous performance improvement both in and out of the box.

If you’d like to take the app for a free test drive, contact John so he can set you up!

The CFD Cup / Intramurals – Registration to the Open begins on January 14th, 2015!  We’ll be getting you guys signed up for our internal competition for bragging rights at that time as well.  Click here for an overview of the international comp.  Don’t worry, this isn’t elementary school where we line you up against a fence.  The three captains chosen will take part in a draft process.  So, no one will know exactly who was picked first or last.  The CFD Cup will be for both individual accolades and a team competition with 3 teams (Red, White, and Black).  Captains will be named, and medals for top 3 men/women in Rx, Scaled, and Beginner divisions will be doled out along with the Top Team trophy, a trophy for each team’s “MVC”  (Most Valuable CrossFitter)  AND the coveted “CrossFitter of the Open” trophy which will be given to the athlete exuding the qualities we find most important:  Supportiveness, Integrity, Pursuit of Excellence, Courage, Determination, Grit, and probably most important, a sense of overall Community.

Comp WoDs:  Sunday at 3pm until Feburary 21st, 2016.  They count towards your membership like any other class.  They’re tough and allow us to work on our most advanced movements.  Not a lot of coaching, just show up and throw down.  You’ll sleep well on Sunday nights, is all I can tell you.

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