CF Open WoD 18.2 and 18.2a

Coach’s Notes
1st Heat goes at 10 after the class time hour. Doors will open 15 minutes before class time all day tomorrow. We will go in at least 2 heats, so partner up and decide who judges and who goes in Heat 1.

Daily WoD
18.2 12′ AMRAP (ALONG WITH 18.2A)
1 to 10 By 1 Upward Ladder of:
Dumbell Squats (50/35) Scaled) 35/20 Beginner) 20/10
Bar Facing Burpees (leg pop) Scaled) Step up and over Beginner Step up and over

With time remaining from the 18.2, find your 1RM Clean (Power, Muscle, Squat, Split are all good)

Roll Posterior Chain
Lax Shoulders

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