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CF Open WoD 19.3 for March 11th, 2019

Coach’s Notes
This week will be much less stressful to finish within the hour, thank god! Pair into teams of two, deciding who will perform the WoD first and the other judge. Do your best to judge someone in your division (Rx, Scaled, or Beginner). First WoD will go at 20 after the start of class. Warm-up as you see fit for your best results.

Daily WoD
200′ ft 1-armed alternating OH Lunge (50/35) a) 50/35 front racked db lunge b) 20/10 front racked db lunge
50 Alternating Step-ups (50/35) (24/20) a) 50/35 @ 24/20 b) 20/10 20/16
50 Strict HSPU a) 5″ riser b) dual dumbell strict press 20/10
200′ HS Walk a/b) Bear Crawls

Lax Glutes/Shoulders
Roll Quads

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