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CFD 2017 January Newsletter!


Happy 2017 Everyone!  The first quarter of the year is always a busy one here at CF Dynamo, so here’s what you should be planning for over the next several weeks/months:

As of Tuesday, January 3rd, we’re back to the regular schedule.  I really appreciate everyone RSVP’ing so much better over the holiday, please try to keep it up!  Also, remember to check in to class.  It’s best to do both!  It helps your coaches both plan and frees them up during the WoD to spend more time on the floor rather than on necessary administrative tasks.

CrossFit Kids Starts back up this Wednesday!  We’ve got classes for all ages of kids!  Starting at 4p, 4:40p, and 7:30p most days, we can find the right class for your kids!  For more information, go here ->

Testing Week – this week and next!  It’s time to benchmark your current strength for use in the WoDs for the next 4 months!  Best lifts make the Power Board in the Gain Cave as well!  Don’t worry if you miss a day as we plan a make up day on January 16th, 2017 for you to get the lifts you might have missed.


World Wide WoD Competition:  This Saturday at 12:30pm,  First WoD at 1:00pm.  This is a fun, fair test that we’ve set up for all ages and abilities, including kids!!!  See more here: for information on the WoDs and to sign up.  Only a couple of more days to register!


The Dunk Truck is back on January 21st !  For those of you that paid for both sides of the Holiday Challenge, I’ve currently slotted you for your same time slot:


Feel free to work amongst yourselves if trades are necessary.  If your name isn’t on here, and it should be, let me know.  If you’d like to get dunked, let me know ASAP so I can try to get the truck to stay longer.

Are there any of you that would like to get dunked on the 21st and then again in a couple of months?

Changes to Onboarding Process – Remember, new members that are new to CrossFit will be undergoing 3 hours of personal training before we let them into class.  We can set up the sessions around their schedules, but it’s not going to be optional in 2017.  This is to keep classes safer and allows the coach(es) to spend more time with everyone, not just the new athletes!


The Open is Coming!  February 23rd to be exact, meaning you’ll see the Open WoD 17.1 on February 24th!   If you’ve joined after March, you may not know what the Open is, so here’s what CF HQ has to say about it:

And while you may not want to sign up to compete against the world in either Rx or Scaled divisions, we’ll be running our own 3-team Intramurals Competition in-house with Rx / Scaled / Beginner Divisions so that you can be on and help your team, regardless of your fitness level!  In the coming weeks, we’ll be naming Captains and you’ll let us know you want to be on a team.  There’ll be trophies, t-shirts and prizes handed out during the month-long competition. It truly brings out the best in each of us, so please plan on participating!  There’s also the viewing parties on Thursday nights and the special Sunday afternoon Throwdowns for those that missed or want a re-do from Friday’s WoD!

Open Training Sessions:  2pms on Sundays until about 5pm through February 19th start this Sunday, the 8th!  2-3 tough (think Open and Regional style) WoDs for the more competitive of us to hone our skills for the actual Open. In the past, we’ve done Grace and Isabel as “warm-up” WoDs, if that helps.   You need to be able to Rx most WoDs in here and please don’t expect much, if any, coaching during it besides strategy sessions.   This is simply a heads down, suffer-fest.  You’ve been warned.  It will require a check-in at the front kiosk, so you guys with 3x/week and punch cards, this counts.


Personal Training / Accountability – If you currently feel stuck with a movement or your body image, I assure you someone on staff can help!  You know how good the coaching staff is on the floor.  Can you imagine how good they are in 1 on 1 situations concentrating solely on you?!?  Why don’t you schedule some personal training time to:

  • Increase strength, stamina, or endurance,
  • Discuss nutritional needs and what you might be eating currently that is challenging your goals,
  • Figure out how to efficiently get your Double Unders, Bar Muscle up, kipping handstand push-up, or [insert move here],
  • Talk WoD strategies for benchmarks or other WoDs that have given you trouble in the past,
  • Short, Medium, and Long term goal setting, planning, and follow-up, and/or
  • Receive Video feedback analysis!

With the Open coming up, if you’re just a move or two away, maybe this is your year to turn the corner and extend your CrossFitting capabilities!  Contact John for more information or to sign up!

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