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CFD Nutrition Seminar ~ Part 3

Part 1  Part 2 

Part 3 of the Series:


Low fat dogma, cholesterol myth

  • Dietary cholesterol has low impact on blood cholesterol levels
  • The liver is responsible for producing cholesterol on its own
  • Not all ldl is bad. You want big fluffy ldl particles.
  • vldl and triglycerides are a better indicator of poor blood work
  • Excessive carb consumption raises vldl and triglycerides
  • 6+ months on keto and blood work was perfect
  • Gov’t has vindicated cholesterol and to some extent sat fat
  • How did we get here? Ancel Keyes – Seven Countries Study
  • Cholesterol used by every cell in the body
  • Statins? No reduction in mortality
  • Statins can cause cognitive issues due to low cholesterol
  • Sat fat promotes testosterone production. Also keeps you satisfied.
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