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CFD’s Shred University!

Transforming your body to the shape you want it to be is more than counting calories. It’s more than making your macros fit. It’s about precisely mixing macros, fitness, and clinically-proven non-allergenic foods to increase/maintain muscle mass while reducing fat! Shred University (Shred U) does exactly that with bi-weekly body scans on our InBody scanner to show you your progress to prove our results! I personally lost 34lbs in 13 weeks specifically using this program, but don’t take my word for it, here’s some great examples! This program not only gets you where you want to go quickly, but you’ll feel great doing it! No loss of energy or power!

Here’s a great example of Mike at the 40lb loss mark heading to 60! All while gaining strength and muscle!

And Drew after only 3 months!
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