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The CrossFit 2016 Open / CFD Cup – What to Expect during our CRAZY Season!

Registration for the 2016 CrossFit Open starts later today! So, every third word out of our mouths will probably be “Open” or something referring to it. I thought it best to explain to all of you that have never experienced it here at CF Dynamo!

What is the CrossFit Open? At its core, it’s this simple: five workouts released once a week on Thursday nights at 8pm starting February 25th. We’ll do the workouts on Friday and again on special throwdowns at 2pm on Sundays. If you want to see where you “rate” in the world, you can register online ( $20, and make sure you associate with our CrossFit Dynamo team), do the judged workout (either Rx or Scaled), and enter your scores by 8pm the following Monday night. I expect over 300,000 CrossFitters around the world will sign up this year! All ages and abilities! I’ll be posting the registration site when it’s available and once I’ve created the CF Dynamo Team so you can link your individual registration to our team!

15.1 The Aftermath on a Sunday
15.1 The Aftermath on a Sunday

What is the CF Dynamo Cup? We piggy-back our internal “bragging rights” competition based on the same workouts of the Open. That way, the programmer can’t be blamed for the crappiness of the challenges! It also gives you a chance to have some fun competing without having to register for the Open. We also create a “Beginner” division to ensure that the month-long fun is inclusive to everyone that wants to enjoy it. We hand out medals for Top 3 in Rx/Scaled/Beginner, Top Team, and CrossFitter of the Open, a special trophy which

will be given to the athlete exuding the qualities we find most important: Supportiveness, Integrity, Pursuit of Excellence, Courage, Determination, Grit, and probably most important, a sense of overall Community.

Entering the CFD Cup ($40) gets you the following:
1) Your team’s t-shirt!
2) A chance to podium/medal in your scale/gender division

The Swag!
The Swag!

3) A chance to be named CrossFitter of the Open
4) Entry to our special 2pm throwdowns on Sundays

5) Your best chance at PR’ing stuff!  Everyone’s screaming for you!

Everyone is this pic PR'd their C&J in Open WoD 15.1A! #Legit
Everyone is this pic PR’d their C&J in Open WoD 15.1A! #Legit

6) Camaraderie and memories you’ll never forget!

Once registered, we’ll be letting you know what team you’ve been drafted on! We’d rather you not sandbag divisions. If you do most of the WoDs Rx, enter Rx and so forth and so on. While winning is cool, pushing yourself to your limits and then beyond is cooler. If you podium’d last year in a division, you automatically are asked to move up to the next.

We’ll keep registration open at least through the first of February, but we’ll need time to get shirt orders

How will I be chosen for a team? No, you won’t all be lined up on the back wall and picked one by one so that there’s just one of you left, embarrassed in front of everyone else! Our captains: Amber Ebert, James Melton, and Shane Ocenas will be drafting you on a designated “Draft Day”, so no one will know where you were drafted, you’ll just show up on a team afterward we’re done!

The 2016 Team shirts!
The 2016 Team shirts!

The 8pm Open WoD Announcement – Starting Thursday night, February 25th, we’ll gather around to watch the announcement of each WoD being announced and performed by several elite CrossFitters in the world, going head to head! We’ll then discuss strategy on how to get the most out of it for you and you can go home and stay up all night thinking about how you’re going to crush it on Fridays/Sundays!  We’ll also figure out scaling for the Beginner division that night, so the Daily WoD might come out later than usual.

Performing the WoDs – All classes on Friday and the Sunday 2pm throwdown will go like this:
An explanation of the WoD and all the necessary range of motion we’re looking for. We’ll go in several heats so that everyone entered into the Open or the CFD Cup gets judged, complete with handy dandy pre-printed scoresheets. Range of Motion is key here, so have you’re mobility on point by the end of February!  If you’re not competing in the Open or the CUP, IT’S STILL OK TO COME FRIDAY!  You can simply choose to do your workout in any of the heats avaialable.  We just won’t issue you a judge!

On the Sunday Throwdowns, the box will be set up like we do for competitions, cordoned off with tape!  I’ll be asking you to RSVP to the event and I’ll place you heats with approximate go times ahead of time. We’ll issue judging responsibilities at that time too. If you just show up, you’ll be slotted wherever we can fit you, but it might not be with others in your division… Best to RSVP for this special day to ensure everything runs smooth

The Box, on Game Days
The Box, on Game Days

for everyone.  Scorecards will be taken in and Beth Minor (spreadsheet goddess) will be filling out the overall spreadsheet with your standings each week for both you and your team! If you’re in the Open, you’ll get a “receipt” so that you can enter your score online. Once it’s been approved by the box manager, you’ll be slotted amongst the rest of the world!

Save the Date of March 27th! That’s the date of our last throwdown and we’ll be handing out all the awards and having a major cookout afterwards! It’s one of the best days of the year at the box, so don’t miss out! Even if you’re not participating, it’s a great day to come out and support and feel our Community at its best.

Any questions? Contact John and he’ll be glad to answer them!

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