Extramural WoD #2 for November 19th, 2015

Day 59 of the CFD Burpee Challenge

MOB: 7’ of Hip Openers / Front Rack (Coach’s choice)

WoD: WoD ‪#‎2A‬: 8’ to find 1RM Thruster (both partners can work on same bar during this time);
Bar starts empty. Both teammates can add weights at any time during the WoD.

Score = summed load of max lift of each teammate. Kg weights will be multiplied by 2.2. Women’s weight will be further divided by 0.7 to combined team scores.

You can start the bar at any weight attempt, but once weight is placed on the bar, you cannot take weight off. Mixed teams can use two bars. If you start the bar too heavy and don’t complete a lift, score is 0 for that teammate.

Range of Motion: Hip crease below knee at bottom with full push press out (no jerk, re-dipping of knees) at top with bar over hips and heels. Feet cannot move from original frong squat position!
Squat Clean thruster from ground is OK.

Rest/Set up bars for 2 minutes, then

WoD ‪#‎2B‬:

8’ AMRAP of
Rx: 10 C2B / 10 Thrusters
Scale: 10 Ring Rows / 10 Thrusters

Ring Rows must be done with rings pulled completely too chest and heels must be 6”/15cm forward of the vertical plane of the rings.

Score = Thruster load * total thruster reps. Team picks the single load on the bar…

One teammate works at a time. Bar load on thruster: If same gender teams, same bar, team picks load on bar. No changing weight during WoD. If mixed, Female bar must be 70% (or very close) to Male load. In mixed teams, the just used bar must be settled to the ground before other bar can be lifted.

Squat Clean thruster from ground is OK.

MOB: Roll Quads and lats / Lax Shoulders

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