Extramural WoD for November 12th, 2015

WOD ‪#‎1A‬: 2 3’ Intervals to determine 1RM Deadlift for both partners. Only 1 teammate can lift in the 3 minute segment.

Score = summed load of max lift of each teammate.

After initial load on the bar, load changes happen while on the clock. M/F teams can have two bars setup initially.

Then a strict 2 minutes to rest and set bars for
WOD ‪#‎1B‬: (Dynamic/Static format) For Time.

Rx: 80 DU / DL hang (275(125kg)/190(86kg), 15 HSPU/Handstand Hold, 30 KTE/Bar Hang, 20m OH Bar Lunge (90 (41kg)/65(30kg)

Scale/Beginner: 160 Singles / DL hang (185(85kg)/130(60kg), 15 Strict Press (from rack) @ 65% of 1RM /Bar held over head at 65% of 1RM strict press, 30 High Knees/Bar Hang, 20m OH Bar Lunge (45 (20kg)/25(11kg)

One teammate completes the dynamic component only whilst the other teammate is in a locked static position, e.g Double Unders can’t begin until partner is in a full lock out in deadlift hold. If the bar drops, any DUs after the bar has left the hands will not count… Once the dynamic reps have been completed, switch positions. Once each teammate has completed both dynamic and static movements, moved to the next couplet. OH Bar lunge wil be done one at a time and must be returned to starting position before last teammate can complete their lunge. Clock stops when last teammates heal is completely across the line and teammate is standing completely straight.

MOB: Roll and Lax it All!

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