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Fall 2018 CF Dynamo Newsletter!

Note:  this looks a whole lot better in MailChimp, that I made late Monday night, but somehow I’ve pissed them off!  So, I felt it better to get this info out tonight!  So, here goes:

Some huge news as we head into 2019!  So much so, that our new tag line might need to change to #MuchBetterThanYesterday!  Here’s what’s packed in this newsletter:

The  Biggest News:  Our new InBody Scanner 570!  You can read about it below.  Coupled with Shred U and our fitness programming/coaching, we have everything you need to give you the body and functionality you desire in the shortest amount of time possible!
Holiday Schedule:  We’re modifying our class schedule for the holidays.  The app won’t let you reserve them anyway, but here’s your head’s up for next week and early next year!
The Holiday Challenge is Back!  Those in the States normally add between 5-7 pounds of flab throughout the holiday season from all the celebrations.  What if we could just keep you maintained during that stint?  It’d be like losing 5-7lbs, right?  And this will also give you a chance to receive the benefits of the new Body Scanner at a discount, while losing/maintaining throughout the holidays!
The Black Friday Sale!  These Dynamo holiday credit cards make great card/stocking stuffers for those that have never been members of Dynamo before! $20 lets you give $100 worth of Dynamo credit.  Look like a big spender for cheap and give the Gift of Fitness.


The InBody570

The leading Bio-electrical Impedance Analyzer on the market!  This helps take CF Dynamo to the pinnacle of top-notch programming, coaching, fitness, nutrition, support, and demonstrable results!

Here’s the pretty overview of what we’re getting!

Scan Options:

  • Single Scan: $50   You can book an appointment any time my calendar is available.
  • 4 Quarterly Scans Annually:  $190 (5% savings)
  • 6 Monthly Scans:  $270 (10% savings)
  • FREE (once a month) with the purchase of Shred U for as long as you’re an active shredder!

Here’s what you’ll be able to track going forward!

The InBody570 Result SheetInbody750ResultSheet

We’ll be able to define your current and historical trending around:

  • Weight
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (how many cals you burn if you just sat around all day)
  • Body Fat Percentage Segmented by torso and limbs
  • Intra- & Extra-cellular Water levels (that identify inflammation from either food or injury)
  • Visceral Fat – a leading indicator of oncoming diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure!

It’s a super-solid product with excellent validation studies!

Want more info on the data sheet and how to interpret it?  Go here!


















Class Schedule  for the Holidays


The week of Thanksgiving, we’ll have regular schedule until Wednesday, November 21st.  Last class that day will be noon.  The Friday after Thanksgiving, we’ll just do one class at 0930.  It’ll be long and hard to burn off all those extra calories!

The week’s of Christmas and New Year’s, last class will be on the eve at noon.  December 26th, first class will be 0930.  January 2nd, first class is noon.  It’s tradition that at some point, we’ll be open the doors for Open Gym on January 1st to bring in the new year, but, it really depends on how deep we go New Year’s eve!

To ensure we have class, please RSVP via your ZenPlanner app, as the calendar is up to date there.  If you show up to an empty gym, you know who to blame!  😉



The Lean Body Mass Holiday Challenge is Back!
Over the holidays, the majority of humans in the US gain between 5-7lbs of fat from all the different celebrations and sweets easily available!  To thwart that this year, we want to set some healthy habits BEFORE the holidays hit and give you all the support you need to not only maintain your hard earned gains from this year, but perhaps even see more during the holidays!  We will once again put a challenge to each of you over the holiday season to maintain your lean body mass!   Here’s how it will work:
The $129 (really $99 when you get your account credited!) Challenge will include:

  • two (2) InBody570 Scan evaluations, one just before Thanksgiving (it comes in Monday) and the other right after the New Year,
  • a goal setting/accountability consult,
  • external measurements,
  • weekly weigh ins,
  • a mid-challenge consult to see how you’re doing and what you might want to change to win your challenge (bring your food journal!),
  • Those maintaining their lean body fat percentage or seeing improvement will have $30 credited to their account for their February membership!   So, you have a way of getting fit and getting a couple discounted scans as well!


We’ll be Flash Selling the Dynamo Holiday Gift Card again this year!  $20 gets you $100!  For experienced CrossFitters it can be used for punch cards or monthly memberships.  For those new, it can be used as part of a 6 Week Challenge or a full-service 3 month membership!

Please note:  This is only good for people that have never had a Dynamo Membership before!


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