Hero WoD for May 10th, 2017

Group: Warm up lifts, we go at 15’ past the class start

Notes:  This one close to home as Annette “Foy” Broome knew Weston personally.

WoD: “Weston Lee”

800m Burden Carry (100/70) a) 70/50 b)30/15  (this can be accomplished with sandbags and weight vests.)  Use the scale to get to your weight.  Just a warning, the Rx weight for this may do damage to your back.  Be smart and choose an appropriate weight.
29 Burpee Pull-ups a/b) aided
4 Rope climbs a/b) x3 Progressions
29 Ring Dips a/b) aided
4 Rope climbs
29 Burpee Box Overs (30/24) a/b) less height on the box
800m Burden Carry (100/70)

Army Ranger, 1st Lt. Weston Lee, 2nd Brigade Combate Team, 82nd Airborn Division was killed in Mosul, April 29th, 2017.  He was from the northern metro area. Rest in peace, Lt.

MOB: Roll Posterior and Lats / Mash Triceps

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