Mark Dahl Memorial WoD for August 22nd, 2016

Group: 3 in 3

Coach Hep with Officer Dahl

Coach Hep with Officer Dahl

Inch worm with push-up
In-place lunge
Standing Medball Twist hand-off with partner

WOD: Mark Dahl Memorial WoD For Time:

To be completed by one person or two. If teams of two, hold a plank while your partner completes a round (the plank represents Debbie Dahl who is the core and backbone of Mark’s family).

Run 200m (for Cody)
Then each person does 6 rounds!
6 Rounds (representing Mark’s years served with Dallas County Sheriff’s)
7 Air Squats
6 Push-ups
8 Sit-Ups (Representing Mark’s badge # 768)
19 Flutter Kicks (19 years served with Irving PD),
Run 200m (for Colton)

MOB: Roll it all

Coach’s Notes: Mark Dahl was a beloved husband to Debbie Dahl and father to Cody and Colton. He is a veteran of the US Marines and a dedicated police officer with many accolades to his name. He is also an alumnus of Plantation High and a dear friend and fellow teammate to many at PHS. We’re making this WoD accessible to CrossFitter’s and non-CrossFitter’s alike b/c Mark’s nature was to always be inclusive. This is how his friends remember him:

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