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Member Spotlight with Heath “The Beef” Beeferman!

Member Spotlight – Heath Beeferman

You may not have met Heath in person because he’s one our die hard 5am’ers, but you’ve probably seen some of his witty pics and remarks on social media in and out of our private CFD discussion group.  Heath’s main focus isHeathBeeferman his Dawgs, Falcons, and triathlons, for which he trains doggedly on and off season.  Here’s a little bit more about the man behind the goatee.

CFD:  How long have you been doing/training for Triathlons?

HB:   First one was the Hootersman (no joke) in 1994… only did sprints and Olympic distances until I had “the surgery” in 2010, then I did my first HIM and been doing ‘em since.

CFD:  What’s the longest one you’ve completed?  What’s your goal in the sport?

HB:  Ironman Arizona in 2012 and Ironman Florida in 2014, both full 140.6 miles (though FL swim was cancelled, so minus 2.5 on that one. My goal is just keep improving and being able to continue doing into the older age groups.

CFD:  So, you look like you’re at 5% body fat already.  You can run for days.  Why do you CrossFit?

HB:  5%?! Gosh, be surprised if it was that low… guess I’ll have to dunk. The CrossFit has helped my endurance immensely and makes it possible to still finish strong without as many miles of training. I love how it keeps me fit in general and has made me stronger and more flexible that in my 20’s and 30’s.

CFD:  Does CrossFit training needs change for you during race season and off season?

HB:  Don’t think so, I’ve worked my two days a week into my training schedules… all those squats especially have helped my running and cycling. Pull ups, push ups and bar movements helps my strokes in the swim.

CFD: You’re in advertising as a designer.  Some may not know that you were the original designer of the CF Dynamo logo!  How the heck did you come up with such a sweet design?  Where does your creativity come from?

HB:  Hah, with a little help from you! Your vision too, bro. Inspiration comes from all around, I love to take notice of great creative all around me, looking at award annuals and taking note of what makes a great creative product.

CFD:  OK, everyone wants to know:  What’s your favorite movement and why?

HB:  With the bar, deadlifts… probably because it’s the most I can lift, easiest for me? And love rope climbs and… well, burpees. Yeah, I know.

CFD:  Least?

HB:  Double unders, one of my last goats… and power snatch too. Guess I hate what I suck at.HeathPirate

CFD:  Favorite WoD and why?

HB:  Any with runs, body movements, deadlifts or rope climbs. And Murph…

CFD:  Worst WoD?

HB:  Anything with a shit-ton of DUs

CFD:  More Favorite:  Lifting PR or Benchmark WoD PR?

HB:  Lifting PRs

CFD:  What’s your next short-term goal?

HB:  Add some mass (beef)

CFD:  Long term?

HB:  Get my frickin’ DUs, improved benchmarks

CFD:  You’ve been with CFD from the beginning.  What’s the biggest difference you’ve seen here in the 3+ years?

HB:  New faces, a few old ones… new programming, nutrition, intermurals, etc. And LOVE the new rig.

CFD:  What would you say is your biggest accomplishment since joining CFD?

HB:  Completing my Ironman races would be my biggest… otherwise muscle-ups and kipping HSPUs?

CFD:  What triathlon (other than Kona) would you want to do, where is it, and why?

HB:  Cozumel (no explanation needed), and maybe Australia or New Zealand. Beautiful places to race, 11-13 hours gives you lots of time to look around.

CFD:  Quick, what’s your most memorable moment at CFD?

HB:  Being one of the last to finish at the Garage Games and having the entire crew and fans cheering you on to nail those last few thrusters. There’s no better way to get that kind of adrenaline shot.

CFD:  Funniest moment you can remember?

HB:  Too many to mention… many were during the Gawlik era. ~:-{>

CFD:  Thanks for your time!  Anything you want to add?

HB:  Can’t see my future without CrossFit. Love to spread the gospel/share the Kool-Aid!

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