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Member Spotlight with Jenny Gilmore!

Jenny Gilmore (JGil) has been with us for only 5 months, but it’s hard to miss her in the box.  Always smiling and super happy, she teaches Spanish at West Forsyth.  She’s a sponge for learning herself in the box, which we as coaches really appreciate!  Here’s a little bit more about JGil than just a great smile and quick running pace:

CFD:  You ran a good deal before joining Dynamo.  Why the additional training?Batwoman

JGIL:   I ran a lot last year, by myself, with no strength training.  I was frequently sore and frequently sick, and quite honestly, was getting lonely.   I started to explore body weight training, but I was bored with it.  I knew I needed a community of healthy people to get me re-motivated.

CFD:  Are you running as much as before?

JGIL: I’m running as many races, but I’m not running as many miles weekly.  When I do run, I feel stronger and faster.

CFD:  That’s great to hear!  So you’re running got better from lifting and constantly varied routine at  CF Dynamo?

JGIL: Absolutely!  I was under the impression that strength training at Crossfit would make me feel heavier and, therefore, make running more challenging.  Prior to Crossfit, I was running, on average a 9 minute mile and had a PR mile of 8:01.  I currently run, on average, an 8 minute mile and had a PR of 6:30 when I ran with Tim West about a month ago. (Thanks, Tim!)

CFD:  So, let’s get down to it.  Favorite movement and why?

JGIL:  Of course the running!  But secretly, I love the sled pulls or sandbag carry.  I like the strong feeling in my legs when I am pushing myself to the limit.

CFD:  Least?

JGIL:  Anything with math?  Especially Manser math.  That’s the worst! And snatch!  No one’s body is supposed to feel so awkward. It looks weird, it feels weird, it sounds weird…

CFD:  Favorite WoD and why?

JGIL:  There was a WoD we did with rowing and jumping rope.  It felt natural, refreshing, and the rhythm of the row and the jump rope was calming.

CFD:  Worst WoD?

JGIL:  Sally.  I laugh about it now, but seriously…the song is terrible, the WoD is terrible.  Whoever created that one will get a tremendous stink eye from me!

CFD:  More Favorite:  Lifting PR or Benchmark WoD PR?

JGIL:  I am honestly surprised at how well I’ve gotten at arm movements, specifically bench.  If you had told me a year ago I could bench 100lbs, I would have laughed in your face!

CFD:  What’s your next short-term goal?

JGIL:  I want to get unbanded pull ups and double unders by Christmas.

CFD:  Long term?

JGIL:  Hand-stand pushups.  And maybe one day a muscle-up.  They both look pretty bad-ass!

CFD:  What’s the biggest difference you’ve seen here since joining in June?

JGIL:  I’ve noticed a part of me that isn’t afraid to try new things, so self-confidence. I’ve been a lot more careful with my choices since I’ve had children.  I’ve learned that making careful choices doesn’t mean that I can’t try new things.  I just have to be more selective with my attempts.

CFD:  What got you interested in CrossFit and why did you pick Dynamo?

JGIL:  My chiropractor and friend, John Demboski, has been encouraging me for years to get into Crossfit.  He knows how competitive I am and that I needed to put myself into a community of healthy women who weren’t going to intimidate me by their mental confidence and physical strength.  He also knew I needed to get into lifting or I was really going to hurt myself running such long distances.  At the same time, Heidi Hepler and Christen Melton kept pushing me to “try it, just once.”  I guess my friends really do know what is best.

CFD:  What would you say is your biggest accomplishment since joining CFD?

JGIL:  I have enjoyed meeting all of the strong, independent women of CFD. Everyone has an amazing story of how they got to this point and I find it incredibly inspiring to see women supporting one another, rather than putting each other down.  I am so honored to be welcomed into their group.

CFD:  Where’s the best place in the world for you?  Where do you want to explore next?

JGIL:  The best place in the world is wherever my cellphone doesn’t work.  I love catching myself in moments of feeling blessed and I’ve learned that usually when my cellphone is off, lost, or not working.  My next adventure? I never know what will happen!!!

CFD:  Quick, what’s your most memorable moment at CFD?

JGIL:  I absolutely loved the Clean and Jerk class with Kelly!  Her careful attention and sincere desire to help me become better made me feel very accomplished.

CFD:  Funniest moment you can remember?

JGIL: Everytime Amy Barrigar says, “Let’s lift some heavy shit.” It makes me giggle.  But I’m pretty good and finding funny moments.  I love laughter!

CFD:  Thanks Jenny for your time!  Anything you want to add?

JGIL:  I am thankful to the people who have encouraged me throughout my journey thus far.  I’m also thankful to the people who help put me back together again, emotionally and physically.  Dynamo has been a wonderful location of spiritual awareness and personal growth and I am forever grateful.

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