Mock Comp WoD for October 19th, 2013

WoDs are still open to everyone.  If you’re competing please see Kelly/John to get signed up so to assign you a judge and a heat.  No fee, no medals, no t-shirts.  Just a fun throwdown!

0930 WoD: Competitors, pair up to judge each other. We will Rochambeaux for heat designations. Others not participating in the competition can decide to go in either heat. 10-minute normal warm-up followed by 5 minutes of ROM review and warm-up before Heat #1 goes

WoD #1: 3’ AMRAP

5 C2B  A) Pull-ups  B) Banded  c) Ring Row
5 T2B  a) Knees to Elbows  b) High Knees  c) Toes to KB (horizontal)

Score = Total Reps

ROM: C2B – Athlete starts in a straight arm position under the bar and complete the movement by touching some part of their chest to the bar. Near misses do not count.
T2B – After the first one, feet must break the plane of the body at the bottom with arms straight. At the top, toe box must touch the bar simultaneously.

WoD #2: 15’ to Find 1RM Snatch

Score = Load snatched

ROM: Strict snatch judging today. NO PRESS OUTS. Bar must be caught in a straight-armed position at any height. Catching the bar with hip crease above, at, or below knee is fine. Athlete must show control at the top of the lift.

MOB: Roll Posterior Chain / Lax Shoulders

10:30 WoD In 2 Heats, first heat will go at 20 after class start


10 handstand push-ups  A) 2 Abmat ROM constraint  B) Banded   c) Box HSPU
15 Front Squats (from rack) (135/95)  A) 115/80  B) 95/65  c) < b
20 shoulder-to-overhead (from rack), 135/95  A) 115/80  B) 95/65  c) < b
25 Walking Lunges (L+R = 2)
30 Double-unders  a/b) 90 Singles  c) 30 Singles

Score = total reps

HSPU: Head touches at or below position of hands at bottom. At top, Arms locked out with heels touching wall.
Front Squat: Bar in front rack position.  Squat to hip crease below knee and then stand up again with knees and hips in full extension.
Shoulder to overhead: From rack, bar rest on shoulders (either front or back) and finishes at top with arms straight, and feet underneath and parallel and together (hip to shoulder width apart)
Lunges: Trailing knee must touch the ground. When legs come together, hips and knees must be at full extension
Double Unders: Rope must progress in a toes to heel fashion under the feet. Attempts that end with the rope hitting the feet in any way and not continuing will be judged as a no rep.

MOB: Lax Shoulders / Glutes; Roll Calves

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