Partner WoD for December 2nd, 2017

Group Warm-up
 Frog hop, bear crawl, crab walk, duck walk, leap frog, inch worms and piggy backs down and back
Daily WoD
100 in-place lunges
50 push ups
50 double unders (each) a/b) 150 Singles
100m Run (one teammate)
25 knees to elbow a/b) High Knees
10 rope ascents, 15ft a/b) 20 Rope Progressions
25 OHS, 95/65lb a/b) Goblet Squats
100m Run (other teammate)
50 KBS (1.5/1.0pd) a) 1.0/.75 b) .75/.5
50 abmat situps
100 air squats
Roll it all. Seriously.

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