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CrossFit Dynamo offers an array of beneficial services to help get you fitter, faster, and stronger as quickly as possible:



The Daily Workout – the staple of our existence.  The Workout Of the Day, or WOD, is a constantly varied program of mixed and matched movements from the worlds of metabolic conditioning, gymnastics, and weightlifting.  You’ll be under semi-private coached supervision (although it may feel very personal one on one) to ensure technique is strong before intensity is achieved in these high intensity, short duration workouts.   The WoD runs an hour and encompasses warm-up, mobility, strength, technique, and final cool-down/flexibility.  The T/Th 9:30am class even has childcare!  Side benefits of the WoD include:

  • Scientific-based, Constantly Varied Programming
  • Community Support
  • Accountability
  • Friendly Competition
  • The Creation of Lifelong Friendships
  • Customized Workouts, when you’re body doesn’t want to do what the WoD has asked
  • Mobility, and
  • oh yeah, rapidly increased fitness!

Our Onboarding Process which is second to none!  We include goal setting, body measurements, Functional Movement Screening, Teach you the moves, Benchmarking, and set follow ups to ensure you’re seeing the results that can be achieved.

Nutritional Guidance – Whether you are looking to cut inches, gain lean mass, or simply move up the leaderboard, our Nutritional Services based on the proven Dolce meal plans will give you everything you need to be successful!

Foundational Movements of CrossFit– Our Foundations class is for those that are either getting back into fitness after a hiatus or haven’t had much experience with weight lifting.  The prep is a 3-hour one on one session to show the keys to lifting safely and will help you understand why CrossFit works, basic nutrition, and ensure that you have the fundamental and consistent mechanics before becoming a part of the Daily WoD group.  We find that participants in the program increase their work capacity by 25% to 40% in that first month as we benchmark your results at the end of the class.



Dynamo Kids/Teens! – The Dynamo Kids program teaches proper form and mechanics in functional and athletic movements in classes that are different every day with a focus on FUN and working with others.




The 6-Week Challenge – This 6-week cycle is perfect for those new to exercise or needing help in setting the habit once again.  We’ve seen amazing results with this program that focuses on all aspects of getting you in shape:  nutrition, programming, and deep accountability!

After only 45 days, Theresa made vast improvement in her fitness, her body, and her overall confidence!
After only 45 days, Theresa made vast improvement in her fitness, her body, and her overall confidence!



IMG_0525CrossFit Advantage – Our 6-week cycled Olympic Lifting-specific sessions meet twice a week and are dedicated to increasing your Clean & Jerk and Snatch lifts by using advanced techniques including:  video analysis (that you can keep to help you throughout the week), PVC technique sessions, Lifting EMOMs, and accessory strength work including:  front squats, back squats, dead lifts, snatch balance and a variety of other movements.




Moving heavy stuff.
Moving heavy stuff.

 Developing Strength – Of the ten components of fitness, pure strength plays an important role.  Twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we meet to develop overall body strength in a program customized to take the week’s WoDs into account.  By understanding the WoDs, there is much less chance of overuse injury.  This class is a 2-month cycle.







POSE Running Seminars – Do you want to run faster with less chance of injury?  POSE running techniques can get you there!  Offered periodically, this 3-hour class uses classroom chalk talks, drills, and video analysis to help you maintain great posture, lean, and proper foot striking to enhance your running.

Massage Therapy – We’ve contracted JOYE Massage as our in-house massage therapist to help you recover more quickly from workouts so that you can go hard again sooner, thus seeing improvement more quickly!  JOYE Massage has their own room here and appointments are schedule directly with them at (770) 540-5721.

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