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Come feel the challenge and camaraderie.

FREE Intro Class

Yes, your first class at CrossFit Dynamo is absolutely FREE, if you’d like to get started this way!   This option is best for experienced CrossFitters.  You kind of how about CrossFit already and it’ll be easy to discern the top quality coaching and Community that has evolved here.  During this one-hour class you will come face-to-face with all the excitement, fun and intensity of a real CrossFit class that is appropriately scaled to your fitness level.  No we won’t make you do something you can’t do (or don’t want to – yet), but you will get the real experience of what a CrossFit Work Out of the Day (WoD) is all about. You will also meet some amazing people who will welcome you to CrossFit Dynamo.

  • Come when convenient, as we teach technique in EVERY class, however, it might be best to come to our 10:30am Saturday class to take our benchmark and understand how we educate.

To take part in your free Intro class, click on the day/class that works best for you below:

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