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Team WoD for April 28th, 2018

Group Warm-up
 Bring Sally Up Squats
Daily WoD
“Fast and Furious”
If you did Friday’s WoD or are doing Gymnastics after, free free to choose the secondary movements. If you’re shoulders are still up for it, it’s truly fun as written! But get with a partner in the same situation!

One teammate working at a time and finishing the complete round before tagging partner:

1 HSPU or Muscle Up Scaled) Downward Dog HSPU or Heavy Ring Row (no bands today)
2 Squat Cleans (135/95) Scaled) Power Clean + Front Squat b) Goblet squat
3 Pull-ups or Abmat Sit-ups

 Roll Posterior / Quads / Lats
Lax Shoulders

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