Team WoD for August 6th, 2016

Group: Musical Medballs

WOD: Team “Cindy” 20’ AMRAP

In teams of 2, one teammate goes while the other rests. Complete as many rounds as possible. Only one person works at a time, but you can switch at any time…

5 Pull-ups a/b) banded or ring rows Comp) C2B
10 Push-ups a/b) wormy or from knees Comp) Ring Push-ups
15 Air Squats Comp) 5 Alternating Pistols (if mixed team, pistols count 3 points, air squats 1 point, so total 15 points if you switch out)

Coach’s Notes: Figure out when to hand off as the reps slow down. Best scores when the rep cadence is kept high!

MOB: Roll Posterior and Quads

10:30 Class

Group: Zombies
Butt Kickers
Side Shuffles
10 Bird Dogs
10 Scorpions

MOB: Lax Ball to Plantar

Review: Air Squat and Deadlift

WoD: For Time

Level 1 Benchmark: 200m Run, 3x Cindy, 200m Run
Level 2 Benchmark: 200m Run, 5x Cindy, 200m Run
Level 3 Benchmark: 400m Run, 5x Cindy, 400m Run

MOB: Roll quads/lats, Lax Pecs/Shoulders

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