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Team WoD for April 27th, 2013

Group: 3 in 3
In Place Lunge
Flutter Kicks

WoD: For Time:

With 2-3 partners, perform the following tasks. The person NOT doing the task is to hold a deep air squat position. No work is done until the position is met (hip crease below knee)

20 Deadlift (225/155) a) 185/115 b) 155/95 c) <= 95 40 Renegade Rows (20#+ per arm/15#+ per arm) a/b) 15/10 c) <=5 60 Pistols a/b) 120 air squats c) 60 air squats 80 Push-ups a/b) Wormy ones c) Wormy ones from knees 100 Lunges c) 50 Lunges MOB: Roll Posterior Chain and Glutes / Lax Pecs

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