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Team WoD for February 15th, 2014

Group: 3 in 3
Air Squats
Jumping Jacks

WoD: In teams of 2 or 3, Get as many rounds in 15 minutes as possible of:

15 Back Squats (95/65#) a) 75#/55# b) 65#/45# c) 45#/35# – From Ground. You must bring to front rack before riding the bar down at the end of the reps.
15 Box Jumps (24”/20”) a) 20″/16″ b) <= 16″ 150m Row Score = Total rounds plus reps completed. MOB: Roll Quads / Calves Coach’s Tip: Team member 1 does the work while team member 2 waits their turn. Once team member 1 finishes their round and tags team member 2, team member 2 starts their round. Continue until time expires.

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