Team WoD for July 13th, 2013

Group: 3 in 3
Flutter Kicks
Mountain Climbers

WOD: For Time

While one member does the movement, the other holds the static complimentary position. No work gets done until the static position is being held. Once the reps have been completed, change positions and complete the other half, then move on to the next set of movements.

100 Grasshopper (L+R = 2) / Hold weight overhead (95/65) a) 75/55 b) 55/35 c) <= 35
40 Pass-Throughs a/b/c) Elevated parallettes / Bar Hangs
1000m Row / Hold bottom of your squat
40 Ring Push-ups / Handstands (against wall)

MOB: Roll Quads / Posterior, Lax Glutes/Pecs/shoulders

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