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Team WoD for July 14th, 2015 Grid #6 “Amandabella”

Group: Bergener Power Snatch

Technique: 15’ to work on Weaknesses and/or warm-up lifts…

WoD: For Time: Cap 20 minutes

Total amount of work for the team.  Only one working at a time, other is behind the line (Behind Oly) for the pulling motion.  Once that work is done, both can move to the bars.  Only one  works at a time, but switch off as necessary.  Bar must be completely still before being raised and you must tag your partner.  For Comp, if one athlete is MU and the other C2B, target is for 120 reps.  You get 3 reps for every MU, 1 for each C2B.

40 MU or 120 C2B Rx) 80 C2B Scaled) 80 Pull-ups (no band) Beg) 80 Pull-ups Banded (light)
30 Power Snatch Comp) 135/95 Rx) 115/80 Scaled) 95/65 Beg) 75/55

MOB: Roll Posterior and Lats

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