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Team WoD for June 7th, 2014

Group: 3 in 3
Light KBS
Jumping Jacks
Air Squats

WoD: For Time “Big’ ol’ Nasty Chipper”*

In teams of 2 or 3, complete the following work:

100 KBS (1.5/1.0 pd) a) 1.0/.75 b) .75/.5pd
80 Thrusters (95/65) a) 75/55 b) 55/35
60 Box Jumps (24/20) c) Step ups
10 Rope Climbs a/b) x3 Rope Progressions c) x1 Rope Progressions

* 2x 20’ Partner Carry between Movements and 100 DUs (300 Singles) between Movements

MOB: Roll it all

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