Team WoD for May 23rd, 2013

Group: 3 x 3 Deadlifts – Medium Heavy, but with perfect form. This is to fire up our Posterior chains and make the row pull feel like a feather. Deadlifts will not be scored, do don’t kill yourself.

Review: Row Technique

WoD: For Time

In teams of 2, Row 5000m, exchanging duties as you decide (e.g. every 2 minutes or every 500 meters, when rower drops below a set “average” pull time, etc…)

Singleton rowers can either row the entire amount, or they can elect to row 500m and then rest for the amount of time it took them to row their last 500m. Total time = their 5 row times, doubled. Note: If we have even numbers, please team up!

MOB: Roll Posterior Chain

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