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Team WoD for May 24th, 2014

Group: Warm-up Movements

WoD: “Pick Your Poison”

In teams of 3 complete five of the following seven movements. Each team must complete 90 reps of each skill before moving to the next station. You choose who works on reps, holds, and rests as well as how often to switch. If the person holding stops, you must all switch.

2-person teams, total reps each movement selected = 60

1-person team, total reps each movement selected = 30

Sit-ups / Ring Dip hold
Wall Balls / Hand stand hold to 10’/9’ (20/14)
Shoulder to Overhead / Deadlift hold (115/80 on STO) (190/135 on Deads)
HR Push-ups / Uneven Farmer Carry hold (1.5/1.0 pd in one hand)
Box Jumps (24”/20”) / Handstand hold (against wall)
In-Place Lunge / Plank (L+R = 2)
Supermans / Hollow hold

MOB: Roll Everything

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