Team WoD for October 5, 2013

Day 12 of the Burpee Challenge

Warm up: 3 Rounds As Fast As Possible
4 Burpees
6 Grasshoppers
8 Air squats

Review: Push Press Mechanics

WoD: For Teams of 2 or 3

Downward Ladder 10 -> 1. First teammate completes 10 Pull-ups and then tags partner. Partner completes pull-ups. Then move to the ground to overhead. Clean and Jerk, Snatch, Reverse curl, push press, you get to choose! Finish those and tag your partner. Continue and finish the push-ups one at a time. Now do 9 of each, tagging in after each set of reps is completed. Complete until you each finish one rep of each!

Pull-ups a) Light Bands b) Heavier bands c) Ring rows
Ground to Overhead (95/65) a) 75/55 b) 55/45 c) < b Push-Ups a) Wormsters b) From Knees c) Wormy Knees Score = total time for both to complete all reps MOB: Roll Lats / Lax Pecs and Shoulders

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