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Team WoD for September 9th, 2013

Warm up: 3 in3
Light KBS
Jumping Jacks

Technique: Rowing

WoD: With a partner switching EVERY minute for 30 minutes

Partner 1 – Row

Partner 2 – KBS @ 1.5/1.0 (250 rep max) + Box Jumps 24/20 – with step down

While one person rows, the other will perform KBS. Switching EVERY minute for 30 minutes (15 min of rowing each). Once 250 KBS have been reached, the teammate who is not rowing will then perform box jumps and they will continue to switch back and forth until 30 minutes have passed. Their score will be their row distance + number of box jumps ex: 7000m + 157 box jumps.

MOB: Roll Posterior Chain / Calves

Coach’s Tips: This may look worse than it actually is. This should be a good recovery/aerobic day that shouldn’t leave you bruised and beaten down too bad…sweating yes, but wrecked no. Keep a consistent pace on things, transition quickly and keep moving for the whole 30 minutes. For the box jumps you’re asked to step down in order to keep your breathing in check. Choose a foot setting and damper on the rower that both partners agree upon so you don’t have to keep switching.

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