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Team WoD for June 8th, 2019

Group: 3 in 3
Air Squat
Abmat Sit-ups

WoD: 12’ AMRAP

In teams of 2 or 3, complete the following amount of work, one person working at a time…

60/55 Calorie Row Rx) 60/55 cal Scaled) 50/40 cal Beg) 30cal Mixed teams do 58cal at Comp and Rx
50 T2B Rx) T2B or KTE Scaled) 70 High Knees Beg) 60 Sit-ups
40 WBS (10/9) (20/10) Rx) Same Scaled)14/12 Beg) 12/10
30 Power Clean (135/95) Rx) 115/80 Scaled) 95/65 Beg) 75/55
20 MUs or 60 C2B or 60 Pull-ups (Aided/Unaided)*

*Note: C2B and Pull-ups divided by 3 to get number and rounded down (e.g. 25 C2B will = 8 reps)

Score = Total Reps by team. Go back to the rower, if you finish, and begin again!

Coach’s notes: You’re going to have to get moving to finish all of this one. Tag out when you get tired or create a plan from the start. It’s important that one person is moving at top speed throughout! Get back to the rower!

MOB: Roll it all

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