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Team WoD for October 10th, 2015

Group: Zombies
Butt Kickers
10 Bird Dogs
10 Scorpions

WoD: For Time:

In teams of 2-3, one working at a time. You can take over for your partner at any point in the 10 rounds.

8 x 200m Run

Then 10 ROUNDS OF:

10 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
Team Tire Flip 1 With “Big Daddy” or 3 with a smaller one
Sled Drag to curb and back (65# / 40#)
Team Prowler Push 2 x 25’ (135# / 95#) (you will need to turn the prowler)
10 GHD a) 20 Abmat Sit-ups

And Finish With:

1,500m combined row

MOB: Roll it all

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