Team WoD for October 22nd, 2016

Group: Coach’s Choice

WoD: 25’ Team Pet Rock “Barbara”

In teams of 2 or 3, complete as many rounds of “Barbara” as you can. No rest between rounds. One teammate works while the other holds a pet “rock” of your choosing. Sandbags, kettlebells, bars, bumpers, medballs all make good pets!

20 Pull-ups  a/b) banded or ring rows
30 Push-ups  a/b) Knees, wormy, or elevated
40 Sit-ups  a/b)  20 Sit-ups
50 Air Squats  a/b) 25 Air Squats

Coach’s Notes: Go here -> for a refresher on any of the movements above.

MOB: Roll Everything

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