Team WoD for October 7th, 2017

Group: “Medicine Ball” Doubles!
As in a game of doubles tennis, teams volley the medicine ball over the “net”. After each toss, the athlete must complete one burpee, and the ball must bounce once on the opposite side of the “net” before being caught. If at any point an athlete forgets to do a burpee after tossing the ball or if a team fails to return or catch the ball, the match is over and the losing team must perform 10 medicine-ball cleans.

WoD: In teams of 3, one person working at a time complete:

150 Deadlifts (225/155) a) 185/130 b) 135/95
150 Wall Balls (10/9) (20/14) a) 14/12 b) 12/10
150/135cal Row a) 100/90 b) 80/72

MOB: Roll Posterior and Quads / Lax Shoulders

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