WoD for August 2nd, 2016

Group: 3 in 3
Air Squats
Jumping Jacks

Technique: “Bouncing” out of the bottom of your squat (using the chains!)

WOD: 5 RFT (15’ Cap)

10 Front Squats from ground (135/95) a) 115/80 b) 95/65
50’ Uneven Farmer’s Carry (1.5/1.0pd) a/b) less
30 Mountain Climbers (L+R=2)
50’ Uneven Farmer’s Carry (1.5/1.0pd) a/b) less

Coach’s Notes: If you’re doing Oly tonight, do only 3 rounds today unless you have time to recover.

MOB: 2’ Screaming Pigeons each leg / Roll Posterior

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