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WoD for December 7th, 2106

Butt Kickers
Side Shuffles
10 Bird Dogs
10 Scorpions

Strength: 15’ to Complete 3 x 3 Bench Press @ 80%

WoD: 7 RFT

200m Run
Round x Bodyweight Deadlift a) 3/4 BW  b) 1/2 BW
Round x 2 HR Push ups

Coach’s Notes:  On the first round, one deadlift, and 2 push-ups.  Second Round, 2 deadlifts, 4 push-ups.  All the way to the final round of 7 deadlifts and 14 push-ups.  It’s a total of 28 deadlifts and 56 push-ups with a little less than a mile of running.

MOB: Roll Posterior Chain and IT Bands / Lax Pecs and Shoulders

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