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WoD for April 12th, 2013

Group: Burgener Warm-up (Power Clean)

MOB: Wrist and Shoulder

Review: Proper Front and Back Squats

WoD: Bear Complex

5 sets of the sequence:
7 rounds of:
1 power clean (or you can clean thruster the first one from the ground)
1 front squat
1 pushpress
1 back squat
1 push press

Rest between sets as needed. Goal is max load in a set. No changing loading during a set. No putting the bar on the ground except as a touch an go for the next power clean. Each set should be heavier than the last. If you do have to put the bar down, there’s a 5 burpee penalty before you go back and finish it.

Score = heaviest set done without resting the bar on the ground.

Coach’s tip: Find rest points during each set. Likely positions: Front rack, Back rack, or in the hanging position bent over with the weight on your quads. Start light and add weight every round. Try to monitor how you are feeling as you put on more weight. Putting on too much too early does not pay.

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