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WoD for April 24th, 2014

Group: Bergener (Power Clean)

MOB: Wrists and Shoulders

WoD: For Reps

5 minutes for Max Clean & Jerk (135/95) a) 115/80 b) 95/65 (Comp) 155/110

Rest 5 minutes

5 minutes for Max Pull-ups a) Light Bands b) Heavy bands c) Ring Rows (Comp) Muscle Ups (Rx+) C2B

Rest 5 minutes

Score = C&J Reps + Pull-up Reps = Total Reps (Please keep same scale for both movements)

Coaches:  Show rep totals for both movements along with total

Cash out: Tabata Sit-ups

MOB: Roll Posterior Chain and Lats / Lax Shoulders

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