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WoD for April 2nd, 2014

Group: 3 in 3
In-place lunge
Med ball sit-ups with a friend

Skill: 15’ to work on your favorite Goat

WoD: 10 -> 1 Inverse Ladder by 1

Ring Dips a/b) Banded c) bench dips
Jumping Lunges (L+R = 1) a/b) In-place lunge

Total of 11 reps each round. 1st Round: 10 Ring Dips, 1 Jumping Lunge. 2nd Round: 9 Ring dips, 2 Jumping lunge. End with 1 Ring Dip and 10 Jumping Lunges. Run Heats as necessary.

MOB: Roll out triceps / Lax Glutes

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