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WoD for August 21st, 2013

Warm up:  3 in 3
Mountain Climbers
V-ups (

MOB: Piriformis stretch (2’ per leg)

Review: Ring Dips

WoD: Death By Ring Dips / Grasshoppers

Cash in at the top of every minute with 5 DUs or 15 Singles then:

The number of ring dips followed by grasshoppers. For example, on the first minute, you’ll do 5 DUs and then 1 Ring Dip and 1 Grasshopper (L+R = 1). Minute 2: 5 DUs followed by 2 Ring Dips and 2 Grasshoppers.

Your score is the number of rounds (minutes) completed + the partial reps gotten on the failed minute.

MOB: Lax Pecs and Glutes / Roll Calves

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