WoD for December 20th, 2013

Day 89 of the CFD Burpee Challenge

Warm up: Zombies
Butt Kickers
10 Bird Dogs
10 Scorpions

Strength: 100 DUs for time (300 Singles) (Score on board)

WoD: 40-30-20-10

DUs a/b) x3 Singles c) x1 Singles
Bar facing Burpees (set up a bar with the “big” bumpers, no change plates!) For Rx, you’ll need to jump over the bar with both feet and land with both feet facing it before starting your burpee on that side. a/b) Step over bar   c) x.5 Burpees

Cash out: 5 Turkish Get Ups (each arm) – heavy, but perfect

MOB: Roll Posterior chain / Mash achilles

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