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WoD for December 8th, 2014

Group: 3 in 3
In-place lunge
Air squats
Med ball kick ups

Strength: 15′ to find 3RM Bench Press

MOB: Front Rack: Wrists and Shoulders

WoD: 12’ AMRAP*

10 1 Armed OH Squats (5 with each arm any way)  (.75/.5pd) a/b/c) Something less
20 Alternating Sledgehammers (16/10) c) 10 for the boys

*Complete 2 Axle lunges and 2 sled pulls separately at some point during the AMRAP
*80’ Axle Front Rack Lunge (75/50#) a) Bumper 45/25 b) Axle c) Air Lunges
*40’ Sled/Prowler Hand over Hand Pulls (50/35#) a) 40/25# b) 30/20# c) Just sled The sled arm pull will be from a seated position on the ground pulling on one of the white nylon ropes that will be attached to a sled or prowler. Pull the sled/prowler hand over hand until it passes the cone completely. Run the rope down to the other cone so the next person can start pulling.

MOB: Roll Quads / Lats; Lax Glutes

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