WoD for January 21st, 2014

Group: 3 in 3
Medball Sit-ups w/partner
Jumping Jacks

Strength: 15’ to find 3RM Push Press

Review: Kipping Pull-ups / T2B / KTE

WoD: 12’ AMRAP

5 “Barb Complex” (1 Pull-up followed by 1 T2B) a/b) 5 banded Pull-ups / 5 High Knees c) 5 Ring Rows / 5 Sit-ups
20 DUs a/b) 60 Singles c) 20 Singles or 20 Jumping Jacks

Coach’s Tip:  If you do the pull-up but have to come off the bar, you’re next movement will be the T2B.   You’ll probably want tape or gloves for this one…

MOB: Roll Lats / Mash achilles

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