WoD for January 24th, 2014

Group: Bergener Squat Snatch

MOB: Deep Dislocates / Hip Opening mobility

Strength: 15’ to find 1 Hang Snatch + 1 Snatch (Advanced: Squat Snatches earn you Red Numbers)

WoD: For Time

10 Hang Snatch (Squat) (115/80) a) 95/65 b) 75/55 c) < b
400m Run  (500m row if too cold)

Then 3 RFT

3 Tire Flips (Your Pick)
30” Plank
12 Jumping Lunges (L+R = 2)


400m Run (500m Row if too cold)

MOB: Lax Posterior, Quads / Mash Achilles / Lax Shoulders

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